what to choose in order to live a happy life.

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Everyone desires to live a better life, a stress-free life, but living that good life you desire is a matter of choosing what you exactly want and working for it. It just doesn’t happen.

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It’s amazing how human beings have been given the power to choose. God gave us all the natural resources and left us to choose how we will manage them, in the process of managing them, man has/has discovered a lot of things and improved their way of living.

It is important to note that not everyone made a discovery, only a few dared and decided to be different, but in a way, they improved their life and others and they are named as a hero.

There is power in the choices we make in our daily lives, and the choices can either bring grief, regrets, or failures or they can bring joy and happiness in our lives. So if you want to be happy choose;

1. Choose to love yourself.

Every day of your life always choose yourself first, love yourself the way you are, start by appreciating your physical appearance, if you are black or brown, love everything about you, take care of your body, and Love your background and your people. Choose your circle of friends wisely, affirm your self-worth and recognize your achievements and also set healthy personal boundaries in your relationship.

2. Choose to be present.

Stop the habit of procrastination, many great ideas have not been born because of procrastination, We keep postponing and waiting for a better day to implement our ideas. Plan your everyday routines and appreciate the power of tiny steps, Rome was not built in one day, keep taking those baby steps.

3. Choose to be positive.

If you want to live a good life, teach your mind to interpret scenarios positively, and see the best side of yourself, your partner, your child, and any other person whom you are bound to interact with in the course of your day. Don’t be tempted to oversize the negative side /effect of a scenario.

4. Choose to forgive yourself.

You are not perfect and so you should keep this in mind. You did not pass your exams, forgive yourself, your marriage did not work, forgive yourself, you are not a good parent just forgive yourself. Accept the mistake you make in your day-to-day living.

5. Choose to forgive others.

If you want your inner peace and also a healthy life makes a habit of forgiving people who offend you, even when they have not asked for an apology, move on with life and make it clear to yourself that you can not meet the expectations of everyone.

6. Choose to let go

Most of our sorrows in life are brought about by us holding back to events that happen in our past. you did not pass your exams, you had a broken relationship, you face rejections, and many other events that may have taken place in your life, you keep thinking about them, feeling sorry for yourself, wishing things could be different and even you end up standards on your past for example you fear and believe you cannot pass an exam because you once failed in the past.

Now if you want to be happy it is time to let go of your past let go of your expectations, let go of your anxiety, let go of your hurt, and let go of your fixing of things. Let things and situations take care of themselves, remember you have no power to control everything that happens but you have the power to control the way y you respond to life, always respond positively.

7. Choose to trust yourself

Trust yourself, don’t doubt your abilities, and have a habit of giving yourself a chance to try. Don’t fear changes or new things, take a risk by always being ready to take chances and opportunities. Always encourage yourself, and think better of yourself despite the challenges that you could be facing. Make yourself the greatest source of your motivation.

8. Choose to treat other people well

Always try to treat others with the same respect that you would wish to be given to you. Treat everyone you meet with kindness, patience, and grace, in return they may also treat you the same, though it is not important to expect them to, it might not be always, so in case they don’t reciprocate be contented and don’t take personally.

9. Choose to have a healthy relationship.

You have the control to choose whom to relate with, choose to relate with people who appreciate you and who have a positive influence on your life. Remember also to set healthy boundaries in that relationship to protect yourself from being taken advantage of, being hurt, or being overwhelmed and help you to take more control and be more connected to your own life.

10. Choose to be grateful

We do not have control over circumstances that occur in our life, but we can choose the good and find something to be thankful for in whatever situations we are going through. Appreciate your small achievements as you work harder to achieve more.

Stop complaining, break that habit, stop yourself mind-complaint, and replace it by naming something you are grateful for.

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