How your imperfection is beautiful.

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Is it possible to be a perfect person, have perfect health, a perfect spouse, and perfect siblings among others? Perfect is an abstract concept of something or a person being entirely without fault or defect. Perfectionism like other personal traits exists in a continuum and people lie somewhere between the two extremes.

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Perfection has two sides, the good side is referred to as adaptive perfectionism. Adaptive perfectionists are individuals who set high standards of living and are motivated as they work towards achieving them. Yet they recognize and accept their limitations.

Maladaptive perfectionism is considered the bad side of professionalism, individuals who set high standards do not embrace their limitations in achieving their set standards.

But there is no perfection in this world and this life. Imperfection surrounds us in all directions.

The world we live in is not perfect, our world produces much beauty but also produces pain in form of disasters, and calamity. That affects the lives of people.

The people surrounding us are not perfect. Greed, selfishness, tribalism, and racism prevail in our societies. Which has resulted in terrible consequences for the lives of the people.

We too at the individual level, are not perfect at all we all have;

1. We all have regrets.

Regrets are past things and situations we wished, we could have done in different ways.

Maybe the job you missed, the person you don’t kiss, the money you misused among others.

Regrets take place because time changes reality. It gives us the knowledge we didn’t have and the opportunity to experience the path we chose. Unfortunately, we can only choose one path at a time, so we must keep making decisions, which could result in regrets later in the future.

2. We have something we fear.

Deep inside us, there is something we fear, Some fear snakes, frogs, bad dreams, loss of people, and loss of properties, among others. The best thing you can do to your feat is to face it and you will realize the closer we get to the fear the stronger we become.

3. We all experience insecurity

Insecurity is a feeling of inadequacy (not good enough) and uncertainty. Everybody deals with insecurity from time to time. Buy our insecurities have a dark side they can make us arrogant and toxic and may cause breaking our relationship with others.

4. We all feel the pain of a heartbroken heart.

We are all human and we wish to be loved by other, sometimes we end up loving people who do not love us back, and this result in pain in our heart.

5. We all have disappointed other people.

There are instant people expected much from us. But we found ourselves unable to deliver as much as they expected, and as a result, we disappointed them.

How is imperfection beautiful?

The beauty of imperfection is revealed when;

1. Accept that you are not perfect

Accept that you are not perfect, and accept the consequences of the choices you make Remember you don’t have to be right or wrong what matters is you are responsible for where you are in life. This will help you build motivation of taking the next step toward achieving your goals.

2. Always embrace the process

Success involves a process. And this process has stages to undergo, which are ugly and painful. For instance, for one to get a beautiful bouncing baby she must undergo an ugly and painful childbirth, but she gets a bundle of joy in the end.

3. Be grateful

There is a story of a man who hated himself and kept complaining to God because he could not afford to buy shoes. But one day as he was in the street. He saw a man who was in a wheelchair without legs, but the man seemed happy. The man who had no shoes went home grateful that at least he had legs and stopped complaining.

We waste much of our energy concentrating on what we don’t have, instead of maximizing the use of what we have. Stop complaining and be grateful for what you have.

4. Embrace a positive mindset

The greatest conflict always resides in your mind first. You are what you think; you can’t change anything if you can’t change your thinking.

But the good news is YOU CAN change your thinking!

And when you change the way you think, you can master a new way of appreciating in great yourself the way you are even with your imperfection.

In conclusion

Imperfection is a part of us, and we should learn to cope with it for us to succeed in life. For more understanding of imperfection, you can buy and read the book ‘The gift of imperfection’


  1. What a real outlook. Love the defining of perfect which makes it more evident that it is unrealistic because no one meets the bill! There are no humans without flaws

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