How to make a mark and leave a mark on the world.

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In your school, did you find yourself writing on the walls of the classes, dormitories, or such statements? ‘Nimoramsey was here the year 2000–2002’? This is done as a way of leaving a mark on that institution.

When you die will people easily forget within a few years, or will your effect be felt and known by a generation? What is it to making a mark and leaving a mark?

Just like we stayed in school for a few years. It is important to note also we are in this life for a short time.

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Making a mark is identifying yourself and doing something impressive or unusual worth being noticed. Leaving a mark is having a long-term effect on someone or something. In simple terms, we can say it is the legacy you leave behind when you die.

How to make a mark?

1. Embrace your uniqueness.

People who are remembered for generations and their effect is felt for generations. Are people who choose to leave a unique life from others. They identified. their passion and chased their dreams.

Form a habit of creating time alone, trying to discover yourself, and reflecting on your life from time to time. Set personal values and goals. Identify your uniqueness and use it as a powerful resource to achieve your goals.

Try to discover yourself, and reflect on your life from time to time. Set personal values and goals. Identify your uniqueness and use it as a powerful resource to achieve your goals.

2. Be of service to others.

Mahatma Gandhi said,’ the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of the others’.

Besides your busy schedule, set time to be there for others. Nothing is more rewarding than serving others and knowing you have made a difference by doing so.

Identify the need of your community that is not being met, and investigate how you can help and be part of the solution.

3. Treat people with respect and love.

Earn people’s respect by being respectful to them, making them feel good about themselves, complimenting other people, respecting their views, and instilling passion in them so that they can be more and do more. Be truthful and mean your words.

Treat people with love, try to remember them by their names, and Be willing to help them when they are in trouble. Join others in celebrating their victory. Make them feel loved and appreciated.

4. Be the change you wish to see.

Reflect on the change you would wish to are in the world. Maybe you would wish to see a healthy community, an educated community, a free community, and a clean and safe community among others. Identity one and work towards achieving that. Some African heroes like Nelson Mandera of South Africa, and Jomo Kenyatta among others desired a free nation and fought for the freedom of Africa. Wangari Mathai is a hero from Kenya who started an initiative of planting trees in Kenya and was and is honored for that. Take the challenge and start no matter how small it may seem, in the long run, it will bring a great impact in the future.

5. Be you, live your real you.

Don’t be tempered to copy the imitate others or try to be like everyone else. We are living in a world where people are afraid of being different and losing other people’s approval. Be yourself and love who you are.

6. Let your life be driven by your curiosity.

Discoveries are made by people who choose to be driven by their curiosity. Trust your curiosity and it will lead you to the most spectacular discoveries about your life and yourself. If you have not discovered your passion your curiosity will lead you there.

7. Share your voice with people.

share the message you wish to share with the world, there are many ways of conveying the message. It can be through writing, singing drawing, etc. it can be scary at first but gather the courage and share your perceptive and experiences with others. This way people can relate to you and will have something to make them remember you.

8. Work hard

For you to accomplish something good in this life you must work hard. Identify what you what to achieve, go out there and work for it, Extremes dedication, especially in what you love builds character. It gives you the ability to be proud of yourself and motivate others to follow in your steps.


The process of setting and leaving a mark will help one to be a focused person, someone who follows her heart, is ready to explore and learn more, and someone who has personal goals and values. One will have clarity of what you want he/she wants in life and allow one to start doing what matters and one will leave your life as if one matters.


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