How to create and enjoy time alone.

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Can you remember the last time you took time to just be alone with your phone off, no music or no tv? Did you enjoy it? Or you felt lonely, and bored and miss reaching out on your phone or missed being with someone? If you felt, bored or miss your phone or someone, you should read the rest of the article and learn how to importance of spending time alone.

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You should learn to enjoy being alone, at least once in a while. But the alone time should be moderated. Spending time alone makes one stronger, you get time to focus on yourself. You get time to explore your passion and let your mind wander to find new ideas and in the process creativity in you is strengthened.

You also get time to reflect on your self-values and goals in life, without influence and destruction. Schooler has proved that spending spend time alone improves social relationships. This is because spending time alone improves self-love, and self-respect and promotes self-awareness. hence one can reduce expectations from others, can give them the space and privacy they may require without feeling insecure.

When do you require time to be alone?

  1. When feeling overwhelmed, tired, burned out and you just feel like doing anything. surprised you may have that feeling even very early in the morning as your wake up. This is an indication you need time alone.
  2. You find yourself struggling with concentration. you start struggling to concentrate when doing a task, if you are a mother and you are cooking, you start burning food almost daily, putting excess salt in food almost daily. you keep messing.
  3. You became short-tempered You get irritated by small things, and you have emotional resources left to handle life’s little annoyance.
  4. Hints from other people. you start receiving questions such as “what up with you?”, “Are you okay” from spouses, relatives, or, colleagues at the workplace?

How to create time to be alone

Creating time to be alone requires a strategic plan because man is a social being and one is always with other people. at work and even at home you are either living with your spouse, children, parents, or relative. You need to schedule a time when you will be alone, this can be challenging especially for working mothers.

You can choose to wake up very early in the morning before everyone else. or you choose maybe to sleep a bit late, or maybe any other time when everybody else is busy so that they do not distract you. It is important also to tell them aware that you need your space alone.

How to enjoy the time alone.

1. Try to rediscover yourself through meditation.

Find a quiet place, time your time for the same minutes, maybe aloud 5 minutes, breathe deeply, and as you breathe let your mind wander. Start reflecting on your life, and check if you have given yourself enough self-love lately. Reflect on you have achieved your personal goal. Reflect on whether you have related with others well lately.. try to find as many questions as possible to use to reflect on your whole self-being.

2. Change the mindset of spending alone.

Some of us grow up in a society where we never learned the value of being alone and there was no chance of getting even the time one can spend alone. Being alone was pursued as bad and people would even think you have a problem if they met you being alone.

So we fear being alone, and we believe it’s not good. Now that you have learned the benefit of the lone time you should adjust your mindset and try to find time to spend alone.

3. Use the time to challenge yourself to learn a new skill.

During that time you are alone, try to take the challenge of learning a new skill in your field of specialization. you can try to cook a new dish, learn a new language, sew, and dance among many other skills you can learn.

4. Do an activity you love.

Take this time as a hobby time and do that activity you love doing. If your hobby is cooking, cook some delicious meals, if you love writing, taking a walk alone, write an article, if you love reading use this time to read books among many other hobbies and activities, just choose the one that satisfies you.

5. Take that time to love yourself.

Take a mirror and start admiring yourself, do some make-up. reflect on what you are grateful for, take a notebook, and write down your strength, your weakness, and ways you plan to improve them. forgive yourself and also remember to forgive others so that you can have that inner peace and happiness.

Spending time alone is not loneliness, and should not be mistaken. loneliness is a state of mind. Loneliness cause people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted and is associated with social isolation, poor social and interaction skill, introversion, and depression.

Take the challenge and start creating time alone. and enjoying alone and this will help me to become a better person and live a happy stress-free life.

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